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"Dash has been wearing perfect fit for 2 years now, she is a very nervous dog when walking in the streets and she is noticeably more confident since wearing the Perfect Fit."

Emily Marie Barrèll 

"The difference in Rigby’s demeanour when putting the Perfect Fit harness on is huge, there’s no shying away, he’s actually excited to put it on! It’s also had a positive impact on his stress levels while out walking because he’s now not stressed before leaving the house. The harness coupled with his reactive training has made such an improvement to his quality of life and it’s only been a matter of weeks. I honestly wish I’d found this harness sooner. "

Stacey Louise Williamson 

"The harness has been through rough times, sea water, mud, sand, river water, tugging dogs, washing machines, and everything the girl's throw at them and they are still in great shape "

Kim lee

"When we got our puppy she was very nervous and scared. She developed a phobia of having anything over her head and became scared of her harness. When we found the perfect fit harness and it went around her neck it was a game changer for us and her "

Joanne Moffatt

"Perfect Fit was recommended by our breeder and we've passed on that recommendation many, many times. The harness really is a 'perfect fit' that doesn't restrict movement in any way, it hasn't caused any matting of our girl's super curly coat and it's very cost effective to be able to replace individual parts. When I've called for sizing advice customer service was amazing. We wouldn't change to anything else."

Jenni Mills 

"You really do get what you pay for! This is hands down the best harness we’ve ever had and we’ve tried most of them out there. The added bonus that it is fully machine washable which is perfect for water loving mud monsters like Willow."

Lydia Welch

"The perfect fit, and the fact that it comes completely adjustable, in three parts, meant that I could finally find a harness that fitted them perfectly in every aspect. Without rubbing them raw in some places and without making them uncomfortable. The fleece lined parts are the ONLY harness that doesn’t rub my boy's fur right off! Love it. Love everything about it!"

Jess Groves 

"Perfect Fit has changed my dog's and my clients' dogs lives! I've been using them for over 2 years and I couldn't be more happy! They give great comfort to the dogs, so much that many walk so much calmer from the very first moment they wear one. And I've got owners that could not walk their dogs, now enjoying long walks. And all that, safely for both dog and owner, no risk of injuring the dog, no risk of escaping the harness."

Helen Roussou - dog trainer

"Since switching to Perfect Fit 5 years ago he's had no more skin problems, and he immediately started walking better. We've since switched our other dogs to Perfect fit, they are durable and comfortable for the dogs, well worth the money. Perfect fit by name, Perfect in every other way ... The best thing about perfect fit harnesses, they don't rub, no red mark's anywhere!! The design also gives me great comfort that Roo's joints aren't restricted in anyway, it allows her perfect shoulder movement & the feeling of freedom, they wash well, dry fast ... & great Value for money, fast delivery & great customer support."

Heidi Bacon