Cross body or waist worn dog training pouch, insert & training guide

Designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, our unique multi-functional PacoPouch is a hands-free training tool which will enable you to never miss an opportunity to reward your dog for making the right choice. The PacoPouch features a dishwasher safe, removable insert, preventing your pouch from accumulating unwanted mess and smells from moist treats. Alternatively, left over treats from your training session can be stored in the insert & placed in the fridge between training sessions.

The PacoPouch comes with a 16 page step by step training guide detailing positive reinforcement training techniques and activities, giving you the skills needed to teach your dog desired behaviours in the most effective way possible, thereby gaining the most success from your training sessions. 

Fill, train, wash, store!


* 3 Storage pockets
* Dish washer safe, removeable insert
* Wipe clean exterior and interior
* Magnetic closure
* Training Guide
* Grey & black exterior, reflective strip
* Pouch dimensions: 20 x 20cm
* Adjustable waist belt dimensions: 65cm – 120cm

Here's what's included in your purchase
1x PacoPouch
1x Removable Insert 
1x Training Guide 

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a harness fitted in person?

Yes. Please see our website for local stockists and the list of shows we attend.

Can I use my harness in the car?

Our Harness has not been crash tested so we do not recommend using it in the car.

Will the harness stop my dog from pulling?

Our harnesses are specifically designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness – helping to reduce pulling, rubbing and friction. The feeling of security when wearing a soft, comfortable, well-fitted harness can encourage the dog to walk more calmly and in balance. This is often sufficient to encourage the dog not to pull as there are no more choking sensations around the throat or sharp edges rubbing against its skin. In addition, the front piece of the harness comes with an extra D-ring for more steering control, a helpful tool to use alongside positive reinforcement training.

Are your products machine washable?

Yes, all our products can be washed at low temperatures.  We do not recommend tumble drying any of our products.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

If your harness isn’t a Perfect Fit then we will send you alternative pieces to try for free. Once you are happy with a good fit you can then post back the pieces that you no longer need. We are happy to exchange or refund any products providing they are still in a saleable condition.

Can my dog over heat in the Harness?

In our experience to date, we have had no reports of dogs over-heating whilst wearing our harness due to minimal body coverage.

Is it worth getting my puppy fitted?

We recommend fitting puppies in our harness to avoid the vulnerable neck area and allow full front leg and shoulder movement for your puppies developing anatomy. Health, comfort and safety is paramount as your puppy explores the world for the first time.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Shipping options are available at checkout.

How can I order?

You can either order online via our website, or call/email our office team.

Why can’t I use the front D ring on its own?

Using a front D-ring on its own can be unbalancing for your dog. Always use a double ended lead attached to the front and back D rings of the PerfectFit Harness. Use the front attachment to help steer your dog away from unwanted stimulus. Our front D-rings are not designed to be used on their own.